Sunday, April 13, 2014

Midsem Break

I have make my comeback to the blogging world, ohyeah! Tolak tepuk tangan okay. So, that's it. Like usual, kalau aku update entri dekat blog bermaksud yang aku ada dekat rumah, bermaksud yang aku tengah cuti, bermaksud yang aku tengah bosan sebab cuti yang lama, bermaksud yang aku tengah cuti sem, bermaksud yang aku dah habis sem 2! yabedabedoooo!!
semester 2 was a tough year for me I guess. not just because of the subject that I take, it is also because of the peoples around me. Some of them giving me a positive effect but there's also some of them yang perangai yang entah apa apa. Bajet bagus sangatlah duk mengutuk aku, bila ajak sembang depan depan, bila dah kantoi tahu senyap. Hekeleh. Eh sudah aku update menatang ni bukan nak cakap pasal mangkuk mangkuk tu. Buat tambah sakit di hati je. Heh
So, other than bad memories I have also gained a lot of good and sweet and memorable memories while I am in this semester. Tbh, the person that I heart the most for this sem are safura haida, fatin filza and noor jasmina natasha. The three of them is the one that I can be myself with. The one that can lend me their shoulders to cry on. The one that can suddenly makes a serious conversation into a conversation that loads with laughter. I may not be their perfect friends, I may not be that good friend who always there to help them with their loves problem but somehow I have tried my best by lending my ears cause that's all that I can and I am sorry. another moment that I have spend with them is when we were at sunway lagoon theme park. That was so much fun spending my time with them.

Other than that, another things that I loved in this second semester is that I have made a lot of friends. Bukan niat nak bangga or riak or takabbur but I would just like to share some of my amazing friends that I meet this semester. As you know, sem ni kelas aku dah tukar. From seksyen 19 sem lepas to seksyen 18. Even sampai ke hujung sem ni pun aku masih tak faham macam mana kptm ni tentukan kedudukan kelas cause semua pun macam cincai letak je. haha. So, some of my friends from this new seksyen are (let's start with girls first) nur, alia, noni, eika, fiza, ustazah, najwa, and syuhada. While the boys are acap, amer, haziq, paan, aman, faris, and also haikal. Pardon me if I forget to put any of your name gais. Well, short-term memory attacks! Other that classmate, aku pun dapat kenal dengan sorang dua budak underground. Thanks to wechat, aku dapat kenal irfan, farid, arep, and also shadiq. See? Ramaikan? hehe

Not just through wechat, through kawan sendiri pun ada jugak macam amer and paan. because of paan aku kenal siapa jul and because of amer aku kenal faris. ni pun kenal sebab haritu balik cuti study week sama sama dengan dyeorg and ayen and jass sekali. the moment yang aku tak boleh nak lupa cause we all laughing all the way go back home. starts from bangi sampailah ke ipoh amer buat lawak non-stop. boleh bayangkan tak jasmina yang tak pernah tak tidur kalau long journey, boleh tak tidur? amer amer. and tbh, aku dengan jas perati je si faris cause he's acting cool dari awal sampai akhir. like seriously macam bajet macho. orang buat lawak kaw kaw punya lawak, dia boleh gelak gitu gitu je? what the? kemon lah weh! tak main lah cover macho depan kami. haha. but in the end, lepas dah kenal agak lama well he's kind of funny guy and not as bad as what we think of. sorry faris! So, I have learned not to judge others from the outside anymore.

next is about my final examination for semester 2. to be honest, it was totally sucks! I don't know why am I feeling like I am being so stupid this year. All those papers betul betul kasi aku naik angin. Aku tak tahu lah macam mana result pointer aku nanti. I just hope for the best cause I have tried my very best even menatang menatang tu susah. I even crying lepas keluar dewan lepas jawab paper mkt. aku keluar, aku call mak aku. sakit hati sebab mak aku tak angkat. adn suddenly 5 minutes later mak call balik, what some more? air mata pun main peranan lah weh. merengek depan orang sampaikan aku rasa kalau mak aku depan aku dah lama mak aku tampar aku. malu kat orang. lol. but the most shocking things that ever happened to me on that day was, petang tu lepas aku bangun tidur sbb frust menonggeng tidur tak ingat dunia amer call. I thought amer call mcm biasalah sbb nak pinjam laptop. but suddenly, the first word that I heard from his mouth was "Eva, hang okay tak?" seriously, I'm touched! Thanks for your concern big bro even you are small, you are still my awesome big brotha. lepastu malam tu aku terkejut kali kedua, umar call tanya benda yang sama. dude, I'm okay lah weh. haha. thanks you gaiss. You are the best man that I've known after my dad, my brothers, my grandpa, my cousins, my ermm no other my. lol

there are so many things to be written in here, but I am exhausted to type it all. nvm, I'll keep it in my memory box and try not to forget about it so that someday I could tell my stories to my little kid, I guess? hehe. That's it. I am tired. masa untuk tidur. and I would like to say thanks a lot to those who are willing to be my friend even with my annoying attitude. I wish all of you the best and so do I. Farewell guys! See you guys again in another 2 month, InsyaAllah.

memberi salam itu sunat, menjawab salam itu WAJIB
the future successful malaysian businesswoman, insyaAllah. 
my mom and @liamhoughton are my idol


  1. wish you all the best for your result soon, insya Allah. have a nice day!

  2. InsyaAllah, amin :) tq for the wishes huzniey. All the best for you too!


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